About My Services

The global marketplace has as many benefits as it has pitfalls. When doing business in a new country, it is vital to know how you will be received. The consumer expects you to know who they are and the government expects you to know their laws. Mistakes are costly and embarrassing. Once an error is out in the world, it cannot be erased or fixed.

You cannot simply translate the copy with an auto-bot and call it a day!

I advise on the globalization of marketing and advertising. All content is reviewed for messaging, imagery, and translation per each market for cultural sensitivities and government restrictions. Your final deliverable may be a billboard, commercial, website, or direct marketing. The advice I provide will help to influence intelligent strategy and budgeting as you expand into new markets. I shadow the creative development and partner with production teams. I can immediately assist with content replacements, inform photo shoots, advise film productions and suggest language versions.

Common issues:
• The language is specific to the country or region (i.e. Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Simplified Chinese, ETC)
• Culturally sensitive messaging (i.e. words translate to insults or foul language)
• Countries with religious concerns (i.e. women and men together, offensive clothing)
• Local current events (i.e. tragedy, scandal, conflicts with other countries)

I have extensive knowledge of cultural sensitivities and keep up on current events around the globe that can affect your final deliverable. I also have a large network of resources such as international production houses, translation vendors, and copywriters. I will advise you before you shoot your commercial, print your posters, and launch your website. My recommendations will enable you to make educated decisions before you budget. I will ensure that when you are received in a new market, your customers and the local governments will trust and respect you.