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are you ready to take your brand global?

Expanding into new markets with confidence by protecting your brand and your ROI (return on investment). Be prepared for what lies ahead:   

Have you identified your audience?
• Will you be understood?
• Will you be sensitive? 
• Will you comply with government restrictions? 

What are the resources that you need to have in place?
• What people do you need to have on your team? 
• What vendors are you partnering with? 
• What special holidays exist that you need to accommodate for?

Will your processes translate?
• Do your processes conflict with how people do business? 
• Do your tools work for everyone? 
• Do you have technical support available for that time zone? 

When you are expanding globally, there are some extra things to consider and I can navigate you through this process. It is important to prevent obstacles before they happen. Companies are focused on technology, automation, and efficiency. Our customers, employees, and system users are demanding personalization, compassion, and recognition. It is vital to know what you are up against before you enter each new marketplace. My job is to help to pave a way for you to succeed.




All estimates are free and flexible according to your business needs.

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Thinking about expanding your business globally? 


  • What about the brand messaging must be kept intact as it travels across the globe? - Your brand messaging must have consistency. 
  • What countries are going to be expanded into? - Each new market will have unique laws to consider. 
  • What infrastructure is made available to the regions distributing the marketing? - Your technology may not work the same in every region. 
  • How long would it take to download a large image in the country? - The internet capabilities may need to be evaluated. 



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About Erica Haims

I view content through a global lens. My unique vantage point covers just about every angle of content production. I serve as a liaison and producer to help companies navigate their international expansion. The ability to bridge the communication between business and creative teams on a global scale has been my main focus and my passion. My journey began in the music industry almost twenty years ago in New York and my career eventually brought me to the technology world of Silicon Valley. I have held long-term roles at Atlantic Records and Apple. I draw upon my experience and knowledge to ensure that your brand's vision stays intact, as it travels from one emerging market to the next. 


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